Ever since I heard that my hometown in the UK now provides Krispy Kreme doughnuts, I can’t get them out of my head, especially because I can’t get them in Lima. I think maybe a trip to Dunkin’ this week will have to suffice. I. Need. Sugar. And. Sprinkles.

I love to scour the web for new stuff; recipes, photos, information, stuff to buy….the list goes on. If I find something good, I bookmark it on my mac to share and delete, or keep for a later date. This mostly happens on a weekend when I have more time; lets think of it as my alternative to the Sunday papers!

This weekend I have been:

READING // Kathy Reichs- Bones Are Forever. I have read every book in the Temperence Brennan series and I can’t put this one down either!

WATCHING // The Killing (US Version). My mum recommended the original Danish version, but this version, set in Seattle, was on Netflix. Who killed Rosie Larsen?

EATING // In La Huerta in Pachacamac, just south of Lima. A huge outdoor space full of trees and tables, and the occasional colourful bull! It specialises in food from the grill, so we had chancho (pork) with frijoles (beans) and arroz (rice). Very good, but very expensive for the amount of food given.

VISITING // Festival Puro Picaron. A small weekend festival in San Borja celebrating the picarone (a kind of fried doughnut made from squash, covered in a syrup) and other local desserts. Very tasty indeed!

These are my top 10 finds of the weekend (in no particular order)

  1. I think I may buy this book for everyone at Christmas so they can learn how to cook Peruvian food!
  2. This is hilarious if you are British. I cried with laughter!
  3. I love that Urban Outfitters ships to Peru, but for a £26 shipping fee I think I’ll have to buy a lot! Their homeware is super fun, I may have to by these, this, or maybe even this!
  4. I have wanted one of these for a while now; I love that you can design your own.
  5. 2 awesome ingredients. Thank you Joy the Baker for suggesting this combination!
  6. Who knew these came in pink?
  7. With vodka? Without vodka? Either looks good to me!
  8. And I can drink no7 through these gorgeous straws. For the UK you can get them here too!
  9. I will be eating this oatmeal for my breakfast tomorrow. It sure is chilly at the moment, so perfect way to warm up after leaving the duvet!
  10. I really want to see this film; read Vogue UK‘s review here.

Oh and I wanted to put this on for Father’s Day but it’s a bit late. Check out this Father’s Day tribute from Lego!



And to finish.....

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