It’s officially winter. Mostly grey skies and a little bit of drizzle. But where is Christmas? I am used to the fact that when the weather turns wintery, you know that its all going to be OK because the joyousness and sparkle of Christmas will cheer you up.

Oh no. Not in the southern hemisphere. You have all the good things in one go. Sunshine and Christmas come hand in hand.

So now I’m feeling a little bit melancholy. However, the internet has provided me with pretty pictures, fun slideshows and television to keep me amused! Marvellous. At least when the weather is like this you don’t feel like you should be enjoying the outdoors, and you feel its OK to stay under the duvet a bit longer and read books and watch crime dramas whilst eating Oreos. Standard.

So here is my weekend round up.

This weekend I have been:

READING // Still Kathy Reichs, however I am really fond of reading this blog by Joy The Baker, she is ace!

WATCHING // As Made In Chelsea draws to a close (I love it, I can’t help myself, it’s so English), I am starting anew and  have been catching up on the beginning of season 7 of Dexter. I’ve been dying to since the end of season 6.

Such. A. Cliffhanger. OMG.

EATING // In a chifa (Chinese restaurant) in Chinatown. Salon China does a kick ass lunch buffet for S/. 30 with mountains of wontons, spring rolls, duck, dumplings,  fresh veggies, cakes and pastries (see main picture- loving the sprinkles). So damn good.

VISITING // Downton Lima. I seem to have been here a lot in the last couple of weeks and have become quite familiar with the central streets. It may seem slightly scary to start with, but some of the buildings are beautiful, there are amazing market stalls, and there are many hidden treasures to discover, such as sandwich shops and art exhibitions.

My top 10 online finds of the weekend (in no particular order):

  1. A lot of restaurants in Lima that specialise in grilled meats have options that involve having your meal served to you on your own personal grill to keep the meat warm. Genius. And I have found where you can get one for your own personal use!
  2. Just quickly for all my UK homies out there, Zoo Lates at London Zoo is back!!! Go, wear an animal hat and drink Pimms.
  3. Peanut butter is expensive out here, which sucks seeing as it is one of my food obsessions. That is why I am so happy to have found this recipe.
  4. I love this dinner table set up for a family dinner, but I don’t think the paints should just be for kids though.
  5. This is the next step in my breakfast infatuation!
  6. For some reason, I seem to be loving this whole gold painted animal thing. This artwork is so fun, but you can use the animals for fridge magnets, haha!
  7. Have you ever wanted to make coconut whipped cream. Sounds amazing. Here is how!
  8. This sticky tape is so great for sending messages and sealing envelopes!
  9. Hate kneading dough for making pizzas? Here is a no knead recipe, but beware, you have to know that you want pizza the night before you actually eat it to prepare the dough.
  10. And lastly, check out these tree house hotels. Feed your inner child and stay in one!



And to finish.....

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