I ♥ Inca Kola

Inca Kola glass bottleIt’s bright yellow, some say it tastes of bubblegum, and this drink is probably one of the national drinks of Peru.

I love the stuff.

Inca Kola was introduced in Peru in 1935 by an English immigrant, J.R. Lindley, from his family run bottling company, and it is probably more popular in Peru than any other soda drinks. It is sold everywhere here and you can drink it with just about anything, but it seems to be a tradition, or an unwritten rule, to drink it alongside Chinese food.

If you are here in Peru and you haven’t tried it yet, do it now, and if you are yet to come, make sure you give it a go when you get here! You need to familiarise yourself with this golden wonder to get the full Peruvian experience. It is, after all ‘El sabor del Perú, or so their advertising campaign once said.

This Inca gold is a national treasure.


And to finish.....

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