Someone help me. I am addicted to Pinterest. I live it, I’m pretty sure I dream about it, and yes I have caught myself looking far to longingly at some of the food pictures.

Anyway, you can follow me or just take a peek at my boards by clicking the little red link on the right hand side that helpfully says ‘Follow me on Pinterest’. Amongst my boards there is obviously an amazing collage of photos about Peru, but also some damn tasty food, some beautiful places to visit in the world, little gold animals, things you never knew you needed or wanted but as soon as you saw them you had to have them, and generally some pretty nice pictures.

Check. It. Out.

This week I have been:

READING // The BBC sport website for up to the second updates from Andy Murray’s matches. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Although actually I’m pretty sure it updates itself. I fancy a Pimms now.

WATCHING // Luther. Just discovering this on Netflix. It is ace.

EATING // At bakeries/ cafés. San Antonio has fantastic desserts and salads, and Delicass has a great array of sandwiches and ice creams (see picture above). I recommend the bright green mint choc chip, if not for its amazing hue then for its fantastic minty flavour. 1 scoop for S/. 6.50 and you get waaaaay more than a scoop.

VISITING // The parks of Surco in the Sunday sunshine. Little, clean areas of green, green grass, bright flowers and big trees. We cracked out the sunnies and the flip flops, grabbed the dogs, and took advantage of the weather!

My top 10 online finds of the weekend (in no particular order):

  1. Totes need this new-school Polaroid camera. A-ma-zing.
  2. I need these in my belly.
  3. Buy red jeans. That is how they’re doing it in Lima. Coloured jeans galore and they are brightening up winter!
  4. Check out these aerial view photos. A different perspective.
  5. Super useful for cooking.
  6. We eat a lot of watermelon in Lima, and this knife is perfect for chopping it up.
  7. Really useful Peruvian cooking website, with recipes and information on Peruvian ingredients. In English and Español.
  8. This glass from Ikea.
  9. Learning Spanish? I’ve found the grammar section of this website very helpful.
  10. Really want to go to Huaraz and see beautiful lakes and lagoons as blue as this one.


Have a great week!



And to finish.....

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