I get cravings for different sorts of food all the time. I remember once having this desire for cucumber for about a week. This week I seem to have been eating a lot of coconut. Coconut biscuits, coconut doughnuts, coconut pancakes (above), and even homemade coconut curry….I’ve gone coconut crazy. We’ve actually been doing a lot of home cooking at the moment whilst awaiting final confirmation of my migratory status. This has actually helped to take my mind off of the wait, and it has been a pretty long process with a lot of back and forth to different government buildings, but it’ll be worth it all once I have it!

This week I have been:

READING // Inferno by Dan Brown. The new episode in the Robert Langdon series is kicking off with a bang and a mystery as always. I can’t wait to see how this one pans out.

WATCHING // Wimbledon!! Obviously!

EATING // Homemade cooking. My personal favourite has been the chicken, peach and coconut curry. So, so good.

VISITING // Nowhere exciting unfortunately, only a number of government buildings! It’s all about the visa this week.

My top 10 online finds of the weekend:

  1. What’s your food of choice after a few drinks? In Lima I love Alf’s. They sell big fat sandwiches of meat, cheese, egg and crisps….epic! Check this list out of other countries food offerings, the one for England is dead on!
  2. Multicoloured ice cream holders…..with scoop.
  3. Check out these incredible eclairs. I need to go to Paris.
  4. I may pretend it’s summer because I want these.
  5. These will feed my coconut addiction….and there is peach too. Amazing.
  6. I want to stay in one of these incredible eco-lodges. Check out Peru’s Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica.
  7. Amazing photos of landscapes with tips on how to take your own
  8. Blur is coming to Lima! (link in Spanish)
  9. Breakfast to again feed my coconut addiction…..
  10. Happiness in a glass



And to finish.....

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