‘Leaving on a jet plane…’, but unlike the song, I do know when I’m coming back to Lima! Yes that’s right folks, I have booked myself a 2 week jolly back to the UK in August, but I’m really going to miss my new home.

Sad face.

Now obviously I’m really excited to see my friends, family, eat Mars bars and English cheddar, and have myself a glass of Pimms, but being nearly 6 months here in Lima, I think it’s going to be pretty hard. Although I have to admit I am already starting to plan what I need to do whilst I’m there (excited for the new Argentinian restaurant that has opened in Cambridge), and what I need to buy to bring home to Lima with me (think Cadburys).

But enough about the UK, because Peru is where it’s at right now. Everyone is getting all fiesta-ry (I’m pretty sure I made that word up…) ready for the big celebrations around the 28th. The buildings are decorated with red and white rosettes, the district of Surco have repainted their signs patriotically, and Peruvian flags are going up just about everywhere. Fun times!

This week I have been:

READING // OMG, I’m nearly finished with Dan Brown’s Inferno, and it is so damn exciting. So many twists, it’s like being on a helter skelter.

WATCHING // Pretty Little Liars. Death, intrigue, mystery and high school drama. I love it.

EATING // Tacu-tacu in La Isla Escondida, a seafood restaurant on the border of Surco and Surquillo. Tacu-tacu (a dish of mashed beans and rice molded together and sautéed) is one of my favourite comfort foods, and they are having a festival of it this month! Mine came served with fried fish and vegetables in an oyster sauce. So. Very. Good.

VISITING // Jockey Plaza, one of Lima’s best malls, for some retail therapy. And maybe a margarita. A large one.

I have been slightly preoccupied with quinoa this week, therefore my top 10 online finds are all awesome quinoa recipes.

  1. Coconut Quinoa Porridge with Cherries and Seeds // The Design Files
  2. Grilled Corn, Black Beans and Quinoa with a Cilantro Lime Dressing // Flourishing Foodie
  3. Crunchy Quinoa, Toasted Almond and Dark Chocolate Brown Butter Granola // How Sweet It Is
  4. Quinoa with Corn and Spring Onions // Just a Taste
  5. Quinoa, Avocado Vanilla Pudding, and Berry Breakfast Parfait // Choosing Raw
  6. Strawberry, Quinoa and Spinach Caprese Salad // Closet Cooking
  7. Quinoa Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing // Two Peas and Their Pod
  8. Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Parfait // Epicurean Mom
  9. Quinoa Banana Bread // La Tartine Gourmande
  10. Spicy Vegetable and Quinoa Laksa // BBC Good Food



And to finish.....

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