Wow, what a weekend! A lot of food, a lot of culture, a lot of movies, a lot of fun. Fiestas Patrias was such a celebration! See more about the celebration in my last post here.

This week I have been:

READING // I have just bought Citadel by Kate Mosse (not the model), the third and final book in the Languedoc Trilogy based in the same region in France. The books are set in both past and present with the stories intertwining. The first two books were very good, so I have high hopes for this one.

WATCHING // We have seen a fair few films this weekend, but some highlights included Prometheus, the prequel to Alien, (it was actually a very good film, and made us want to watch all the Alien films again!) and Kon-Tiki about the Norwegians who sailed a raft from Lima, Peru to Polynesia (an excellent film, mostly in Norwegian but with English subtitles, and beautifully shot).

EATING // We have eaten in abundance this weekend! Peruvian food from the Dulce Peru food festival, great Chinese food from San Joy Lao, super tasty pizza from Il Piccolo, huge ice cream sundaes from Laritza D, and sweet and crunchy toffee apples

VISITING // We took advantage of the free entry to museums and sites this weekend! We visited the archaeological site at Pachacamac, a religious centre built before and during the Inca reign, consisting of pyramids and a cemetery. It is incredible that you can still see some of the original paintwork on the bricks. We also went to MALI (Lima Museum of Art) to see the exhibition if paintings by Sabogal, one of Peru’s most famous painters.

My top 5 online finds of the week (in no particular order!):

  1. So, I’ve been carrying on my birthday cake hunt. Maybe this retro ice cream cake from Rachel Allen, or this chocolate cake from Bon Appetit?
  2. Perhaps this themed epic tower by Jacques Pastries? (It’s OK Mum, we can do the last one together, it might be a bit much for you by yourself!)
  3. The future of ice cream? And coffee, and yoghurt….
  4. Do you have kids? Are you a teacher? Check out this different coloured play-dough, no food colouring necessary…
  5. A great site for inspiration for quinoa recipes!




And to finish.....

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