This week has been a very successful week. I have got my residency in Peru, and a super cool Carné de Extranjería (Foreign Person Card), with an OK-ish photo. I’m pretty sure it is the law of life that no one has an amazing photo on their passport, their drivers licence or any other kind of card. Yep definitely the law.

I probably could have had this a lot sooner, but due to lack of information available before I came to Peru and out there on the net, I went a pretty roundabout way of getting it! There were things I could have done in the UK first, documents I could have collected sooner, and to top it all off most of this takes place in downtown, so finding time to get down there can be a squeeze. Public holidays were also not timed well!! But anyway, the process is finished, and I can now impart my wisdom of things not to do when applying for your residency! I’ll get this posted as soon as I can.

Another success this week was our long weekend away in Canta! Well actually in a little town called Obrajillo just down the mountain from Canta. So much fun, and as I said before a post about this will be up this week. I took about a gazillion photos, so I have to go through them all! It’s a great excursion to take from Lima, especially in winter when you want to escape the grey clouds and misty rain for a few days to remember what the sky actually looks like!

However, I am back in Lima land now, and yesterday I was catching up on what has been happening in the world outside of our tent. I have to say though, I would like to be in that little bubble of no internet and TV etc more often. The world is a truly beautiful place to experience first hand and not via a screen.

So……this week I have been:

WATCHING // I have been releasing my inner geek and watching Star Trek: Next Generation! Haha! I know, but you have got to love Patrick Stewart. Also, along the same sci fi routes, Warehouse 13 is super fun to watch. I suggest you release your inner sci fi geek too!

EATING // Milanesa de trucha (breaded trout) in El Porteñito 1, Obrajillo. The trout in this little restaurant was amazing. Perfectly seasoned and so fresh. I also bought some locally made honey and manjar blanco, so I am in for a treat this week!

VISITING // Obrajillo, nr Canta, and the surrounding mountains. A truly beautiful place! Just check out the picture above. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

My top online finds for the week are (in no particular order):

  1. An interesting article about a budding journalist who travelled in South America on a very tight budget.
  2. Again, travelling on a budget? Take a look at the list of coolest hostels around the world.
  3. Birthday cake of the week….I’ve gone back to ice cream!
  4. Not for me, but how amazing is this cake of the world… (scroll down past Jupiter!)
  5. Awesome recipe for pork belly! Hello dinner time.




And to finish.....

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