British Invasion

MandM flag!

You can take the girl out of England, but you can never take England out of the girl (well… I guess Britain really!).

And that’s the truth.

I’m like Paddington Bear, only the other way round. He was sent to England from Peru and was taken in by an amazing family and their housekeeper. And me? The same. Just that I was sent to Peru  from England (well, I went willingly!) So really, the two places are inextricably linked!

So, the ‘British Invasion’ is literally that. An invasion into the pages of my otherwise Peru-filled blog.

It makes a lot of sense really. I write for travellers from the UK, and all over the world, that want to make the best out of their stay in Peru, especially Lima. As a newcomer to the city I have tried – and am trying – to see and visit the best of everything, which makes for some good writing material. However, what about those people that want to visit the shores of my native country? I can’t possibly deny them all of the information I have amassed over the years!! The ‘Invasion’ is  a way for me to catalogue my recent travels back home and to share with you all the awesome things that Britain has to offer.


1. Check out the city highlights guides as a starting point



2. Drool over the food, salivate over the drinks, and move your feet to see all the awesome things there are to be found!!


Just think of all the cucumber sandwiches (and steaks) yet to be eaten, the tea (and G&T’s) yet to be drunk, and the countryside and cityscapes yet to be explored.

Britain literally is Great.

Peru Paddington

If you visit, maybe take some marmalade sandwiches for Paddington!

He was one of a number of Paddington statues that were placed around London from November-December 2014 to celebrate the culture of the city. They have now been sold at auction to raise money for charity. This one, named ‘Taste of Peru’ was sponsored by Peru and was stood in Borough Market in recognition of Peru’s amazing food!

And to finish.....

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