Bookmarked // November

I know, I know, it’s like the 6th of December, and this post is very delayed…..

I’ve been super busy organising for my trip in a couple of weeks and my posts seem to have fallen further and further down the list of things to do. I promise to improve! Really, I do!

So without further ado, here is the lowdown on what happened in November…



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Bookmarked // September

I am getting very, very excited to head back to Europe for Christmas, and I’ve been researching all the places that I need to visit, all the new openings, all the events…’s been a fun few weeks!

In fact, all the research I’ve done on my home country has finally helped me to almost finish my recommendations for Cambridge, so that page should hopefully be up on the blog within the next month.

But before I head back home, I’ve got a visit from my parents and a trip to Arequipa to plan for, so I better hit the Internet again and decide on where in Lima I really want to show them. They’ve been a few times already so we’ve done a lot, but new favourites always pop up between visits!

But enough about what’s to come, here’s what has been going in during the month of September…


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Bookmarked // July

Felices Fiestas Patrias!!!….or Happy Independence Day! July 28th and 29th was holiday here and almost everyone had a chance to sit back and relax for a couple of days midweek and recharge those batteries whilst celebrating one of the biggest moments in Peru’s history.

For us, July has also involved a complete upheaval in holiday plans and now we’re heading back to Europe for Christmas.

My ultimate Christmas happy place!

A family Christmas full of food, drink and fun times (and maybe snow?), followed by a whirlwind trip to the Christmas market in Bruges, a foodie trip to Paris, and I final stop full of jamón, cheese and tapas in Madrid.

I will likely arrive back in Lima the size of a house. Ho hum!

So….. let’s see what has been happening this month……



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Bookmarked // May

Even though this week has mainly been grey and cold, today has shown signs that a little summer is still here in Lima with its beautiful blue sky and fierce sunshine. I sit typing with a G&T in hand, just as any English citizen would be when the temperature passes 17 degrees! Our dogs are out on the terrace, basking in the rays and sleeping a lot, which is just what you want on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

This month I have been excitedly planning our winter holiday, which may be including a trip to the happiest place in the world (erm…thats Disney World), and therefore I have reverted to being a child at the prospect of this! I may have watched three Disney films already this week….

What else has been happening this month you ask? Well, let’s take a look at some of the awesomeness that Lima had to offer in May. may 2015


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Bookmarked // January

After an age long hiatus, Bookmarked is back with a brand new look! It has been reduced to a once monthly edition, but it’s still here to keep you updated on what has been going on here in Lima.

So without any further ado, here is the first edition for 2015!

january w:tapeTHIS MONTH I HAVE BEEN………

Nuevo Mundo Facebook // The Complete Sherlock Holmes on Amazon UK


Dexter // Merlin // Elementary

eating /  jan(from the left going clockwise)

1// Mint Choc Chip and Amaretto sundae at Laritza D’. Summer = ice cream!!

2// Salchipapas (sausage & chips) w/ egg at Tanta. I love salchipapas. Great for soaking up those pisco sours!

3// Amazing queso mantecoso (creamy, mild, salty cheese) from the area of Cajamarca in the north-east of Peru. I am afraid I have no location of where to buy this cheese, because it was a gift, but check out the label and have a search for it if you are travelling up that way!

4// The buffet at Mangos at Larcomar in Miraflores. Super tasty food and a great place to eat in the summer, because their location is right on the clifftop overlooking the sea. Amazeballs. (S/.55 for the lunch buffet)

5// Papa rellena (mashed potato shaped around a filling, normally beef, and fried) at Panchita one of Gaston Acurio’s restaurants specialising in traditional Peruvian food. It was by far the best papa rellena I have ever eaten. Continue reading


OK, so I know I promised posts last week, but life and work has seemingly got in the way, so I haven’t got around to writing my posts up I am afraid. Although I feel that is how it should be; life should be taking over! But yeah, I have had a lot to get done  before my trip back UK side, but hopefully all will be published before I leave Lima!

This week I have been:

READING // I am saving all my books for my flights, no one likes to be sat in an airport with nothing to do. No one.

WATCHING // The Philharmonic Orchestra of Israel, conducted by Zubin Mehta, which is seen to be one of the best orchestras in the world. We saw them perform pieces by Mozart and Maher at the Gran Teatro Nacional del Perú in Lima this week and it was absolutely incredible.

EATING // We decided to go out for breakfast this week and headed to La Tiendecita Blanca just north of Kennedy Park in Miraflores. They do some good value set menus for tourists to try Peruvian food and some beautiful desserts (fyi my dad says the cheesecake is excellent). We tried their all inclusive tea menu, which includes coffee (or tea), a sandwich, juice (or pisco sour!) and a muffin (or strudel) for S/. 40. Could be seen as a little pricey, but try getting all those individual items for the same price! A lovely atmosphere, nice food and good service.

VISITING // The Inca Market in Miraflores on Petit Thouars (if you are coming up from Ricardo Palma, head straight for a couple of blocks, over Gonzales Prada and it is on your right hand side, opposite CompuPalace). This place is great for souvenirs, alpaca blankets, ceramics, paintings etc. I raided this place this week for stuff to take home for birthdays etc, it’s fun, and don’t forget to haggle a little!

My top online finds of the week (in no particular order):

  1. Birthday Cake Time! Only for another week more I promise! So, how about this pair of lovelies (I feel the giant candles are a bit much, oh and you may need google translate for the page!), or perhaps we just need an easy-peasy 2 ingredient white chocolate frosting?
  2. I am loving the look of this ice-cream….burnt sugar.…chocolate pieces
  3. 5 places to get rocoto relleno (stuffed chilli peppers) in Arequipa in a celebration of the city’s 473rd anniversary.
  4. In celebration of El Día del Niño (Children’s Day) this Sunday coming, here are a selection of children friendly recipes from Peru!
  5. Haha! DIY this!





Ok, let’s talk about ice cream.

It may be winter here, but to be honest at 18C I’m still thinking about ice cream, even though its cloudy, rainy and there is not a hope of sun. I have been eating a lot of it recently, I can’t help myself, because Lima has some great ice cream. Even Wong supermarket has awesome ice cream. And it’s not the regular ice cream tubs I mean, they have their own ice cream counter in their stores, so you can just casually do your shopping with an ice cream cone in hand. Freakin’ genius.

I’m going to have to start updating you with the best places and flavours, maybe one a week to keep my addiction going. I’ll tell myself I’m only eating the ice cream for research purposes and then it’s fine.

This week I have been:

READING // Alongside last week’s purchase of Citadel, I have also bought a short story by Kathy Reichs called Bones In Her Pocket. It’s still a Temperance Brennan story, but miniaturised!

WATCHING // Alongside watching the Emmy nominated House of Cards (1. Kevin Spacey is excellent, and 2. I never realised it was a British mini TV series in the 90’s first!), we are having an Alien movie marathon. After watching Prometheus, we decided to re watch them from the start. So good.

EATING // Hmmm, what have I eaten except ice cream? Maybe I should give you the name of my latest ice cream haunt Laritza D’. Good flavours, great sundaes, and FUDGE SAUCE. (I can’t find a website for these guys, if anyone knows of one, let me know)

My top online finds this week are (in no particular order):

  1. Trekking Peru’s Santa Cruz trail.
  2. Strange hotel jobs. My favourite is the guacamologist….say what?
  3. What makes a terrible airport….and a wishlist for a great one!
  4. OK Mum it’s Birthday Cake O’Clock! This week there is a chocolate theme…. This one with marshmallow frosting, or this salted caramel six layer one (both Martha Stewart), or perhaps even this one with dark chocolate ganache and raspberries (Call Me Cupcake). And just in case these aren’t enough, let’s see What Katie Ate
  5. Get cravings? Sweet or salty? This article will tell you what your body is really craving.
  6. And just because ice cream is my ‘thang’ right now, check these koalas out. Ge-ni-us haha.



Wow, what a weekend! A lot of food, a lot of culture, a lot of movies, a lot of fun. Fiestas Patrias was such a celebration! See more about the celebration in my last post here.

This week I have been:

READING // I have just bought Citadel by Kate Mosse (not the model), the third and final book in the Languedoc Trilogy based in the same region in France. The books are set in both past and present with the stories intertwining. The first two books were very good, so I have high hopes for this one.

WATCHING // We have seen a fair few films this weekend, but some highlights included Prometheus, the prequel to Alien, (it was actually a very good film, and made us want to watch all the Alien films again!) and Kon-Tiki about the Norwegians who sailed a raft from Lima, Peru to Polynesia (an excellent film, mostly in Norwegian but with English subtitles, and beautifully shot).

EATING // We have eaten in abundance this weekend! Peruvian food from the Dulce Peru food festival, great Chinese food from San Joy Lao, super tasty pizza from Il Piccolo, huge ice cream sundaes from Laritza D, and sweet and crunchy toffee apples

VISITING // We took advantage of the free entry to museums and sites this weekend! We visited the archaeological site at Pachacamac, a religious centre built before and during the Inca reign, consisting of pyramids and a cemetery. It is incredible that you can still see some of the original paintwork on the bricks. We also went to MALI (Lima Museum of Art) to see the exhibition if paintings by Sabogal, one of Peru’s most famous painters.

My top 5 online finds of the week (in no particular order!):

  1. So, I’ve been carrying on my birthday cake hunt. Maybe this retro ice cream cake from Rachel Allen, or this chocolate cake from Bon Appetit?
  2. Perhaps this themed epic tower by Jacques Pastries? (It’s OK Mum, we can do the last one together, it might be a bit much for you by yourself!)
  3. The future of ice cream? And coffee, and yoghurt….
  4. Do you have kids? Are you a teacher? Check out this different coloured play-dough, no food colouring necessary…
  5. A great site for inspiration for quinoa recipes!





‘Leaving on a jet plane…’, but unlike the song, I do know when I’m coming back to Lima! Yes that’s right folks, I have booked myself a 2 week jolly back to the UK in August, but I’m really going to miss my new home.

Sad face.

Now obviously I’m really excited to see my friends, family, eat Mars bars and English cheddar, and have myself a glass of Pimms, but being nearly 6 months here in Lima, I think it’s going to be pretty hard. Although I have to admit I am already starting to plan what I need to do whilst I’m there (excited for the new Argentinian restaurant that has opened in Cambridge), and what I need to buy to bring home to Lima with me (think Cadburys).

But enough about the UK, because Peru is where it’s at right now. Everyone is getting all fiesta-ry (I’m pretty sure I made that word up…) ready for the big celebrations around the 28th. The buildings are decorated with red and white rosettes, the district of Surco have repainted their signs patriotically, and Peruvian flags are going up just about everywhere. Fun times!

This week I have been:

READING // OMG, I’m nearly finished with Dan Brown’s Inferno, and it is so damn exciting. So many twists, it’s like being on a helter skelter.

WATCHING // Pretty Little Liars. Death, intrigue, mystery and high school drama. I love it.

EATING // Tacu-tacu in La Isla Escondida, a seafood restaurant on the border of Surco and Surquillo. Tacu-tacu (a dish of mashed beans and rice molded together and sautéed) is one of my favourite comfort foods, and they are having a festival of it this month! Mine came served with fried fish and vegetables in an oyster sauce. So. Very. Good.

VISITING // Jockey Plaza, one of Lima’s best malls, for some retail therapy. And maybe a margarita. A large one.

I have been slightly preoccupied with quinoa this week, therefore my top 10 online finds are all awesome quinoa recipes.

  1. Coconut Quinoa Porridge with Cherries and Seeds // The Design Files
  2. Grilled Corn, Black Beans and Quinoa with a Cilantro Lime Dressing // Flourishing Foodie
  3. Crunchy Quinoa, Toasted Almond and Dark Chocolate Brown Butter Granola // How Sweet It Is
  4. Quinoa with Corn and Spring Onions // Just a Taste
  5. Quinoa, Avocado Vanilla Pudding, and Berry Breakfast Parfait // Choosing Raw
  6. Strawberry, Quinoa and Spinach Caprese Salad // Closet Cooking
  7. Quinoa Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing // Two Peas and Their Pod
  8. Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Parfait // Epicurean Mom
  9. Quinoa Banana Bread // La Tartine Gourmande
  10. Spicy Vegetable and Quinoa Laksa // BBC Good Food




I get cravings for different sorts of food all the time. I remember once having this desire for cucumber for about a week. This week I seem to have been eating a lot of coconut. Coconut biscuits, coconut doughnuts, coconut pancakes (above), and even homemade coconut curry….I’ve gone coconut crazy. We’ve actually been doing a lot of home cooking at the moment whilst awaiting final confirmation of my migratory status. This has actually helped to take my mind off of the wait, and it has been a pretty long process with a lot of back and forth to different government buildings, but it’ll be worth it all once I have it!

This week I have been:

READING // Inferno by Dan Brown. The new episode in the Robert Langdon series is kicking off with a bang and a mystery as always. I can’t wait to see how this one pans out.

WATCHING // Wimbledon!! Obviously!

EATING // Homemade cooking. My personal favourite has been the chicken, peach and coconut curry. So, so good.

VISITING // Nowhere exciting unfortunately, only a number of government buildings! It’s all about the visa this week.

My top 10 online finds of the weekend:

  1. What’s your food of choice after a few drinks? In Lima I love Alf’s. They sell big fat sandwiches of meat, cheese, egg and crisps….epic! Check this list out of other countries food offerings, the one for England is dead on!
  2. Multicoloured ice cream holders…..with scoop.
  3. Check out these incredible eclairs. I need to go to Paris.
  4. I may pretend it’s summer because I want these.
  5. These will feed my coconut addiction….and there is peach too. Amazing.
  6. I want to stay in one of these incredible eco-lodges. Check out Peru’s Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica.
  7. Amazing photos of landscapes with tips on how to take your own
  8. Blur is coming to Lima! (link in Spanish)
  9. Breakfast to again feed my coconut addiction…..
  10. Happiness in a glass




Someone help me. I am addicted to Pinterest. I live it, I’m pretty sure I dream about it, and yes I have caught myself looking far to longingly at some of the food pictures.

Anyway, you can follow me or just take a peek at my boards by clicking the little red link on the right hand side that helpfully says ‘Follow me on Pinterest’. Amongst my boards there is obviously an amazing collage of photos about Peru, but also some damn tasty food, some beautiful places to visit in the world, little gold animals, things you never knew you needed or wanted but as soon as you saw them you had to have them, and generally some pretty nice pictures.

Check. It. Out.

This week I have been:

READING // The BBC sport website for up to the second updates from Andy Murray’s matches. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. Although actually I’m pretty sure it updates itself. I fancy a Pimms now.

WATCHING // Luther. Just discovering this on Netflix. It is ace.

EATING // At bakeries/ cafés. San Antonio has fantastic desserts and salads, and Delicass has a great array of sandwiches and ice creams (see picture above). I recommend the bright green mint choc chip, if not for its amazing hue then for its fantastic minty flavour. 1 scoop for S/. 6.50 and you get waaaaay more than a scoop.

VISITING // The parks of Surco in the Sunday sunshine. Little, clean areas of green, green grass, bright flowers and big trees. We cracked out the sunnies and the flip flops, grabbed the dogs, and took advantage of the weather!

My top 10 online finds of the weekend (in no particular order):

  1. Totes need this new-school Polaroid camera. A-ma-zing.
  2. I need these in my belly.
  3. Buy red jeans. That is how they’re doing it in Lima. Coloured jeans galore and they are brightening up winter!
  4. Check out these aerial view photos. A different perspective.
  5. Super useful for cooking.
  6. We eat a lot of watermelon in Lima, and this knife is perfect for chopping it up.
  7. Really useful Peruvian cooking website, with recipes and information on Peruvian ingredients. In English and Español.
  8. This glass from Ikea.
  9. Learning Spanish? I’ve found the grammar section of this website very helpful.
  10. Really want to go to Huaraz and see beautiful lakes and lagoons as blue as this one.


Have a great week!